Breville BMO870BSS1BUC1 Combi Wave 3-in-1 Microwave Oven Versatile Cooking Powerhouse

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The Breville BMO870BSS1BUC1 Combi Wave 3-in-1 Microwave Oven aims to redefine the kitchen with its combination of microwave, convection oven, and air frying capabilities. Here’s a hypothetical review with potential pros and cons:


  1. 3-in-1 Versatility: The standout feature of the Breville Combi Wave is its versatility. Combining microwave, convection oven, and air frying functions in one appliance, it offers users a wide range of cooking options for different culinary needs.
  2. Convection Oven Performance: With a convection oven feature, the Combi Wave can bake, roast, and brown dishes, providing a level of cooking flexibility beyond traditional microwaves. This makes it suitable for a variety of cooking styles.
  3. Element iQ System: Breville’s Element iQ technology is designed to distribute heat intelligently, ensuring precise and even cooking. This feature contributes to consistent results whether you’re microwaving, baking, or air frying.
  4. Air Frying Capability: The built-in air frying function allows users to enjoy crispy and healthier fried foods without the need for a separate appliance. This can be a major plus for those looking to reduce oil consumption.
  5. Smart Settings and Pre-Programmed Options: The Combi Wave comes with various smart settings and pre-programmed options for popular dishes, making it easier for users to achieve optimal results without extensive manual adjustments.
  6. Sleek Design: The stainless steel exterior and modern design add a touch of sophistication to the kitchen. The control panel is intuitive, with an LCD display providing clear information during operation.


  1. Price Point: The Breville Combi Wave, with its advanced features, may come with a higher price point compared to traditional microwaves. While the investment is justified for its versatility, budget-conscious consumers may need to consider their priorities.
  2. Learning Curve: The range of functions and settings may require a learning curve for users unfamiliar with combination microwaves or advanced cooking appliances. Consulting the user manual and experimenting with different features may be necessary for optimal use.
  3. Size and Weight: The Combi Wave’s combination of features and capabilities may result in a larger and heavier appliance compared to standard microwaves. Users with limited counter space or those who prioritize portability might find this a consideration.
  4. Noise Level: The Combi Wave, like many microwaves, may produce some noise during operation. While this is standard, users sensitive to noise levels may find it worth noting.
  5. Limited Color Options: The Combi Wave may be available primarily in stainless steel, limiting color options for users who prefer appliances that match a specific color scheme in their kitchen.

In summary, the Breville BMO870BSS1BUC1 Combi Wave 3-in-1 Microwave Oven offers a compelling combination of microwave, convection oven, and air frying capabilities, making it a versatile cooking appliance. While it comes with a higher price point and a learning curve, its advanced features and sleek design make it a standout choice for users looking for a multifunctional kitchen powerhouse. Always check for the latest specifications and customer reviews for the most up-to-date information

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