Corsair Dark Core RGB/SE Gaming Mouse with SLIPSTREAM Technology

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The Corsair Dark Core RGB/SE is a gaming mouse designed to offer a range of features catering to gamers’ preferences.


  1. Wireless and Wired Versatility:
    • The Dark Core RGB/SE offers both wireless and wired modes, providing users with flexibility for different gaming scenarios. The wireless functionality is complemented by reliable connectivity options such as Bluetooth or Corsair’s proprietary wireless technology.
  2. Customizable RGB Lighting:
    • The mouse features customizable RGB lighting zones, allowing users to personalize the aesthetics to match their gaming setup. Corsair’s iCUE software enhances the customization experience, offering a wide range of colors and dynamic lighting effects.
  3. High-DPI Optical Sensor:
    • Equipped with a high-DPI optical sensor, the Dark Core RGB/SE delivers precise and accurate tracking. Users can tailor the DPI settings to their preferences, catering to different gaming styles and sensitivities.
  4. Interchangeable Side Grips:
    • The inclusion of interchangeable side grips adds a layer of customization. Users can choose between different grip styles based on their comfort and gaming preferences, enhancing the ergonomic experience.
  5. Programmable Buttons:
    • The mouse typically features programmable buttons, providing users with the ability to assign specific functions, macros, or commands for a personalized gaming or productivity setup.
  6. Qi Wireless Charging (SE Model):
    • The SE model’s Qi wireless charging capability is a standout feature, allowing users to charge the mouse wirelessly using a compatible Qi wireless charging pad. This feature can contribute to a clutter-free gaming environment.
  7. Onboard Memory:
    • Onboard memory allows users to save their customization settings directly to the mouse. This is particularly useful for users who frequently switch between different computers, ensuring their preferred settings are retained.
  8. Durable Build Quality:
    • Corsair’s commitment to durable build quality is evident in the Dark Core RGB/SE. The mouse is designed to withstand regular use, providing a reliable gaming companion over time.


  1. Price:
    • The Dark Core RGB/SE is positioned at a higher price point, which may be a consideration for budget-conscious users. The inclusion of wireless charging technology may contribute to the overall cost.
  2. Right-Handed Design:
    • Similar to many gaming mice, the Dark Core RGB/SE is designed primarily for right-handed users. Left-handed gamers may find the ergonomic shape less accommodating.
  3. Learning Curve for Software:
    • The iCUE software, while powerful, may have a learning curve for users unfamiliar with Corsair’s customization ecosystem. Some users may find it complex initially, but it provides in-depth customization options.

In Conclusion:

The Corsair Dark Core RGB/SE is a versatile and feature-rich gaming mouse that caters to users seeking both wireless convenience and customizable options. With its RGB lighting, high-DPI sensor, and unique features like interchangeable grips and wireless charging, it aims to provide a premium gaming experience. While the price may be a consideration, the mouse’s build quality and innovative features position it as a competitive option in the gaming mouse market. As with any peripheral, individual preferences and specific needs should guide the decision-making process.

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